Olivia Rubagumya

Chief Marketing Officer

Olivia Rubagumya leads the Investor Relations team. Prior to joining RFL, Olivia headed the digital and multimedia department at Rwanda’s leading daily where she led and managed the company’s rebranding, training & hiring, publishing, and new product development.

Prior to this, Olivia held various business development and management roles in the U.S, specializing in new media innovations for companies such as PBS - the largest public media association of America - and Yelp, a Fortune 500 company. She has over 10 years of experience in brand development, media & communications, marketing, and digital innovations and new technologies.

Olivia has also frequently appeared as a news analyst on Al Jazeera and CNBC Africa.

Olivia holds a B.A in Economics and International Relations from the University of Virginia and was a 2011 Tow-Knight Fellow at the CUNY School of Journalism in New York City, where she studied under Jeff Jarvis, named one of the world’s foremost media leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos.