Regulatory and legal framework

The Kigali International Financial Centre provides a legal and regulatory framework that is fully compliant to international standards, which sets a new benchmark for Pan-African investment.

Rwanda has established legal and regulatory standards and foundation for compliant and safe financial transactions that are comparable to the world’s leading financial centres. Rwandan regulatory framework also enables financial innovation and use of various investment vehicles which addresses the needs of the local ecosystem and structuring of cross-border transactions.

KIFC is working closely with leading financial centres through the World Alliance of International Financial Centres, and benefits from the technical assistance of CDC UK, USAID and BPI France.

Tax Efficient Investment Framework

KIFC is a destination for investors seeking to efficiently structure their new and existing investments in one location.

Rwanda grants investors an extensive range of benefits, including no Forex exchange control, no restrictions on foreign ownership or assets, 100% repatriation of profits and tax incentives for investors structuring their investments through KIFC.

Investors under the KIFC are granted a preferential corporate income rate and exemption from withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalty payments. Refer to the Investment Promotion and Facilitation Law for the detailed KIFC investments package. The law also details the economic substance requirements to qualify for these incentives.

Rwanda offers a competitive tax investment framework that incentivizes selected financial activities and provides an attractive taxation for cross-border intra African and international investment. Entities and activities operating through Kigali International Financial Centre are benefiting from the expanding investment treaty agreements network developed by Rwanda.


Why Kigali and Rwanda as a Pan-African financial destination?

Rwanda is ideally positioned to become a leading financial centre for global investors seeking Pan-Africa opportunities.

Location and Connectivity:

Located in the heart of central Africa, Rwanda has direct access to adjacent regional markets, and three of the regional economic blocs.

These blocks represent a combined 838 Million consumers and make Rwanda a perfect place from which you can invest into all the major African markets:

  • EAC – the East African Community,
  • ECCAS – the Economic Community of Central African States,
  • COMESA - The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa.

Rwanda is fast developing an extensive cyber infrastructure, and Rwanda’s location and time zone also mean it is able to serve markets both to the west and east in a single day.

An emerging African powerhouse:

Rwanda is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, with a 10-year average growth rate of 8.6%. Rwanda’s economy has been recognised among the top 5 most resilient economies in Africa by the World Bank. (2017 World Bank Africa Pulse Report).

  • Top 10 Most competitive economy in Africa (2019 WEF Global Competitiveness Report),
  • Top-5 most resilient economy in Africa (2019 Global Resilience Report),
  • Rwanda is also a leading country in the development and implementation of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA),

  • Pivotal role in promoting the AfCFTA agenda during its chairmanship of the Africa Union,
  • Hosted the signing ceremony of the AFCFTA agreement in Kigali,
  • Pioneer country to sign and ratify the agreement.

  • Rwanda’s journey is one of innovation, resilience, and increasing prosperity for all Rwandans and for the benefit of Africa underpinned by the values of hard work, integrity, professionalism and respect.

    A modern, progressive African nation:

    Rwanda and Kigali are globally recognised as modern, innovative and safe destinations to do business and to live, underpinned by the rule of law and transparency and with a young, bilingual and dynamic professional population.

    • 2nd safest place in Africa, 1st in the region (2019 Gallup Global report)
    • 2nd best performer in sub-Saharan Africa (2020 World Global Rule of Law Index)

    Ease of operations:

    Rwanda is a leading emerging market in major international and regional performance indices:

    • 2nd in Africa for Ease of Doing business (2020 World Bank Doing Business Report);
    • 2nd in Africa, 1st in the region for government transparency (2019 Transparency International);
    • Friendly visa regime with visa exemption for over 100 countries (Africa, Commonwealth and Francophonie).

    International Partnerships & world-leading expertise:

    KIFC was developed with the support of and in partnership with other leading global financial centres, as well as with technical assistance and expertise from international and regional Development Financial Institutions.

    Enhanced Investor Incentives:

    Rwanda will grant businesses and investors an extensive range of benefits, including no foreign exchange controls, no restrictions on foreign ownership or assets, 100% repatriation of profits and exemptions from capital gains tax within a transparent jurisdiction based on the rule of law.

    Independent Dispute Resolution Mechanism:

    To provide additional security and safety, businesses and investors have access to an independent dispute resolution mechanism essential for resolving any disputes in complex financial transactions.

Product & Services

KIFC is a destination for investors and financial actors who want to effectively manage their assets and structure their investments across Africa. KIFC offers a pro-business environment and in full compliance with international standards and regulatory requirements.

Investment Funds

KIFC enables the structuring and domiciliation of investment funds, including alternative investment vehicles such as private equity funds, to catalyse Rwandan and African economic growth.


KIFC provides financial service intermediaries, asset managers, family offices and pan-African captains of industry that are looking for a stable, transparent and safe environment to structure assets and transactions through flexible and compliant legal entities, a conducive domicile.

Global Trading

Kigali International Financial Centre’s unique pan-African connectivity is the ideal platform for importers and exporters across the continent seeking a business and financial centre with ease of operations and access to professionals and financial institutions able to support African and international transactions.


Rwanda is at the forefront of innovation and Rwanda offers a highly attractive fintech environment, making Rwanda a perfect piloting ground for a wider African market. There is a strong drive from the government to shift to a cashless economy and to achieve nationwide financial inclusion and KIFC is building an innovation-friendly regulatory environment and attract investment funds and venture capital to drive Africa’s already fast-growing financial technology sector.